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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Chime In - a quick review

Just when you thought you had all things social covered, some bugger goes and launches another one.
Its called 'Chime In'

It's billed a a cross between Facebook, twitter and Quora.
The main things to note are:
  • It's an 'interest network' I.e conversations revolve around interest areas and topics allowing you to talk to experts on subjects. The founder, internet entrepreneur Bill Gross describes it as an ‘interest graph’ like the social graph of Facebook, but this is interest not people.
  •  It's funded by ad rev, but, here's the cunning part, the users get a share of the ad revenue from your contributions. If you create  Community  and serve ads to it, you get all the cash. Which is nice. 

Sections are My Chimes, My Interests, My Communities and Popular. You can have a normal stream of Chimes, a bit like tweets, Communities are like Facebook Groups or LinkedIn. You upload your Chimes and tag them to topics. You can save Chimes and review them later. 

IMHO its not as frivolous as Twitter, not really about your friends [Facebook] and not really about pimping yourself out [LinkedIn]. It reminds me a bit of Google Knol, [if anyone remembers that].  Its owned by UberMedia, the company that bought Mixx and closed it down. Initial impressions are that Chime In is Mixx reborn.

Its early days, but I think it will be a good place to people to learn things.
From a brands POV, it good be a good place to engage with experts for influencer relations campaigns.

Brands can have a Page and run ads on their content rich Page. The brands get the revenue from those ads, motivating the brand to make their Page really compelling, and not just full of marketing puff.

I'm have more of a play over the next few weeks and let you know anything interesting.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Anonymous social networks

I came across Vibe, a social network that allows you to post anonymously. I'd heard it was used quite extensively in the Occupy movement recently. 

I'm all for new ways of doing things and giving people freedom of expression, but the thought of  anonymous posting just doesn't sit right. I mean, for me, its who you are talking that's interesting. Anyone can post something that is sensational or provocative, but it is the context of the comment that makes it conversation worthy. For example, Stephen Hawking talking about the beginning of the universe, is much more interesting that Katie Price talking about the unifying theory [actually, thinking about it, that's probably not the best example.]

Anyway, I hope you get my point - social media for me is about the 'who' not the what.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Is the future of social 'personal'?

With the launch of Path last week - the 'personal' social network - I've heard discussion around 'personal' being the new social. I'm not so sure.
OK, Path limits you to 50 friends with the philosophy that it connects you to your closest contacts/friends. And I get the logic that it's hard to have a more than a superficial connection with 150+ people, as on Facebook.

But, I think Path will have difficulties because of the amount of information you need to hand over - phone number, mailing address - and its lack of functionality.

OK, I may trust my 50 closest contacts with that information, but I'm afraid I do not trust, what is essentially a marketing organisation, not to abuse my data.

It's functionality seems very limited. You share photos, but that's about it. There is no two way friend type relationships, no likes, no comments, no photo editing features, no invite a friend function.

On first glance, I'm not convinced. Still, Path has been founded by Dave Morin, ex Apple and Facebook, and Shawn Fanning, the co-founder of Napster. Both are a helluva a lot smarter than me, so what do I know?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Russia most socially networked country

An interesting report out from Comscore last week shows that Russia is the country most engaged in social networks. In August 2010, people in Russia spent more time than those of any other country on social networks, with an average of 9.8 hours per visitor to social networks per month.

Like Eurovision, the UK came behind Israel and Turkey.

The thing that got my interest was that it is local social networks - Vkontakte with 27.8M visitors and Odnoklassniki with 16M - that get the majority of the traffic. Facebook is fifth with 4.5M visitors.

Even Google got it's global ass whupped by local search engine Yandex who received 34M visitors in August, compared to Google who received 30M.

It does make you think there is more to social media life than Facebook and Twitter.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Fast growing Zimbio

I heard that this thing called Zimbio was one of, if not the, fastest growing social network, after twitter. I must admit I'd never heard of it.

I had a quick look, and first impressions are that it's a celeb news/gossip site with some social networking functionality. As a member, you can submit articles or a blog. It doesn't seem to have the ability to establish a presence for brands like you can on Facebook etc, but again, I haven't checked it out properly yet. You can advertise on it though.

If anyone is a member and uses it, then it would be great to hear your thoughts.