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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Pay with a tweet

My colleague Christophe told me about this cool new social payment system, called Pay With A Tweet. You get content such as eBooks and in return you tweet about the book you have received 0r post about it on Facebook. Very nifty.

Could be a great way for brands to create buzz around interesting content they have produced.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tips on online Word of Mouth campaigns

What with everything converging: social media, PR, advertising etc, I've been running a couple of online word of mouth campaigns recently. I know it's not social media or PR in its purest sense, but I've found there is a lot of common ground. So, I thought I'd share some of the things I've learnt. I apologise in advance if I'm stating the bleedin' obvious,

  1. Follow the WOMA guidelines and social media doctrine: always do full disclosure, be open, honest and transparent.
  2. Recruit ambassadors that are already fans of the brand/product or are have regularly used similar products. People who suddenly become fans or start using products they've never used before, don't appear that authentic.
  3. Ambassadors should only start conversations in communities in which they are already established, in which they are already active. People joining forums and then immediately talking about products they are trying out, tend to be received negatively.
  4. Recruit ambassadors from specific communities that will have an interest in your product and do it in an open way. For example, if you want to generate online WOM for mountain biking products, work with the admin of Bike Radar to recruit active members publicly, so everyone knows what you are doing.
  5. Give products to ambassadors to try for themselves and encourage them to talk about their experiences.
  6. Ask ambassadors to talk about their experiences in a way that is natural to them - suddenly going into marketing speak or 'delivering corporate messages' tends to jar.
I'm sure there are many other things to think about, but I thought I'd share some of the things I've learnt.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thoughts from WARC WOM conference

A quick note about the WARC WOM Masterclass Conference yesterday - it was pretty effing good! Loads of case studies, great speakers from Fallon, BuzzAgent, Weber and Contagious.  

My favourite was Prof Walter Carl from Chat Threads who I couldn't help geeking out over after he showed us some fabulous simulation models for word of mouth campaigns. These models predicted sales outcomes from  ambassador programmes for different product categories. Once I've got my head around the maths, I'll write about them in more detail as I'm sure there is loads I can learn and apply to measuring social media. Here is a sample: [drool, drool]
My initial thoughts are that many communications disciplines - advertising, PR, direct marketing - are trying to get in on the traditional WOM action. But, they are approaching it in different ways, which I'm not sure can be called WOM in its purest form. These are:
  1. Cunning Content - creating some really cool content [and promoting it] that gets people talking. This was the creative ad people's approach.
  2. Targeting Influencers - identifying the most influential people in your category e.g. bloggers, advisors etc and engaging them in conversation. This was the PR peeps approach.
  3. Recruiting ambassadors - finding fans of your brand/product, bringing them into the fold and giving them something to talk to their social network about. This was the traditional WOMsters approach and, IMHO, what WOM really is.
One thing that I probably didn't agree with was a case study that an Ad agency put forward as a WOM campaign that involved doing a massive publicity stunt that subsequently got people talking [and coverage in the media]. Nowt wrong with publicity stunts [some of my best friends do them] but I don't think it's WOM.

It was really interesting to hear that camp 1 - Cunning Content - used paid for advertising or PR to promote the content that gets people talking. I don't know why, but this doesn't quite feel right - but maybe I'm being old fashioned. 

The thing that really made me smile was that when camp 1. showed the results of their campaigns it was usually in the form of media coverage and Ad Value Equivs i.e. traditional PR metrics.

Then, I nearly laughed out loud [then became depressed] when I saw a delegate write down
 WOM = PR tactics + Ad budgets
This is definitely something to think about.

And finally, there was a good discussion around the role of social media in WOM. The over riding conclusion was that social media accelerates WOM, but it is the medium in which WOM takes places, rather than WOM itself. Particularly as BuzzAgent dude revealed that 80% of WOM conversations take place off line.

My conclusion? 
PR+Social Media+Media+Ambassadors+Cool Content = new WOM
[The temptation to say WOM 2.0 is overpowering]
More to come, I promise.