Monday, 27 August 2012

Cool direct mail campaign: Porsche Canada

Can't work out if the direct mail campaign by Porsche Canada is creepy or cool. Porsche put its new model outside some of the most affluent houses in Canada, took a photo, then sent the image to the person at the house - with a call to action - showing people what their house would look like with a Porsche outside.

It's quite a nifty campaign, I guess, but creepy in 'I know where you live' way. I assume that people opted in and that Porsche didn't stalk them and break all sorts of privacy laws.

It's also a bit presumptuous, thinking that cos you live in a rich area, you're going to want a Porsche.

Still, if they want to come and leave one outside my house for say, 3-4 years, they are more than welcome.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Buzz word review: native advertising

So, I've heard lots of ad types talking about the latest thing to hit advertising: Native Advertising. - advertising formats that integrate seamlessly with users and editorial content streams. i.e ads in Facebook newsfeed or twitter stream.

Is it me, or is this latest dollop of so called new thinking pretty much the principle of PR? That is, PR aims to get brand messages into the editorial of media and other channels and publics and has done so for years.

Sigh, sometimes the industry in which I work really lets itself down.

I guess mentioning advertorial would be too obvious at this stage?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

If only content marketing was this good

Brands are still very excited about the buzz word: content marketing.
The content conflict will always be a major barrier for brands to overcome. By the content conflict, I mean the conflict between:

  1. The CEO or whoever pays the marketing bills wanting strong sales messages in all brand content
  2. People wanting entertaining/interesting/exciting content that isn't trying to sell them things.
The challenge is doing both at once. 
Some brands get it right: Old Spice, Cadbury's Glass and a Half Productions

I just wish brand content was as funny as this:

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Real time 'improv' marketing

I heard an interesting comment from Lee Rias at Lowe in the Phillipines, that marketing 'is like improv comedy'. This got me thinking.

We seem to have moved out of the age of 'drawbridge communications' into one of 'real time improvised communications'.  The days of marketers sitting in their castle, hatching strategies, then lowering the drawbridge, charging out and shouting their creative slogans to anyone that happened to be around at the time, seem to be on the way out.

Now, in the social media age where all information is readily available and people are talking about brands online,  the most effective campaigns are the ones where marketers listen to conversations, create compelling and relevant ways to join and create conversations then continually listen and adapt the campaign in real time. Old Spice is a classic example.

I'm going to talk about the move from drawbridge communications to real team improv communications at the Edinburgh International Marketing Festival on Monday 20th August [gulp]. It will be interesting to get everyone's thoughts.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Instagram gets physical

I'm loving these two new apps for Instagram that brings one's artist talent into the real world.

Postagram turns your Instagram shots into post cards

Stickygram turns them into fridge magnets

How cool is that?