Monday, 25 June 2012

New social media behaviour types

I came across this new way of segmenting social media behaviour types on Social Media Today.

I like the way it includes demographic data like income, education and what networks the different segments use. It goes a bit further that the Social Technographics profiling by Forrester, which mainly looks at what people do rather than who they are.

Still, with this kind of research you always need to do something bespoke for your audience segment for it to be useful.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Influencer score gets you perks

Ford is running an interesting influencer relations campaign, where if you can wield above a certain influence, you get a little gift. The idea being that influencers: bloggers, twitter users, Facebook power users etc; will post about the campaign in return for a free gift.

It's a partnership with Peer Index, where influencers of a certain level get sent a free hologram of the new Ford B-Max, just for entering their details. Its a nifty idea and shows just how influence is becoming more of an everyday currency.

It's similar to the Cathay Pacific partnership with Klout that saw people with a 40+ Klout score get into the Cathay Pacific lounge at San Fran airport.

Although, I can't see many people falling for such a gimmick and posting about the campaign just for a hologram of a people carrier. Oh wait.....

Social video

I came across this nifty little app, called SocialCam. It's like Instagram for video - you shoot a video on your phone, apply a filter then upload to Facebook, Twitter etc.

I wonder if Zuckerberg will cough up another $1bn for this company.