Sunday, 29 April 2012

Earned Media still top dog according to Nielsen

A new [ish] report out from Nielsen shows that consumers still trust recommendations from friends [92%] more than any other form of advertising. Which isn't really news in itself - Edelmen's Trust Barometer and other such sources have been telling us this for a while.

The finding that is reasonably interesting is: 'online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of advertising with 70% of people trusting reviews - a 15% increase in four years'.

The report draws the conclusion that trust in paid media is declining. However, I would argue that earned media isn't that effective unless it is part of an integrated campaign. PR, word of mouth, social media - the typical earned media types - work much better when supported by paid and owned media. I know it's over used, but Old Spice Guy is a good example. Earned media on its own struggles to get the reach an frequency to make an impact - unless you get really lucky like Blendtec.

Thinking about Facebook in this context, and I reckon it combines the best of all forms of media:

  • Owned media with Brand Pages 
  • Paid media with the various ad platforms
  • Earned with the various sharing, liking functions.
Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but thought I would anyway. 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Facebook Offers

Facebook are introducing Offers  in Beta  to a limited set of Pages in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and Turkey. Offers is already available to managed accounts I.e. Ones that spend loads of money with Facebook.

In essence, Facebook Offers allows a brand to provide Deals and Offers via their Facebook Page that can be redeemed by customers when they check in on Facebook I.e. A man walks into a bar [sorry couldn't resist] and checks in on Facebook. The Offer appears in the status update of that bar's Page. The man clicks 'redeem offer' and shows his phone to the bar tender who gives him the offer. 

Seems like they've now replaced Deals with something similar but doesn't require lots of input from Facebook. 

Instagram with sound

I came across the nifty app from those smart people at Made by Many called Picle. It allows you to add a sound track to your Instagram.

Here's one prepared by Made by Many

Very cool.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Transmedia story telling? Or just integration

I've been hearing a fair bit of discussion about how brands are moving towards developing transmedia story telling campaigns. Wikipedia defines it as
"the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats"

Traditionally used by entertainment companies, it seems to be the latest buzz word among brand marketers. A great example is the BBC's The Code, where a story is revealed via TV, website, blog, gaming, to tell a story.

This is great for an entertainment company like the BBC, who has great content and a strong story to tell. But how can it work for brands - particularly as many still aren't convinced that brands should become media companies - as predicted by Brian Solis back in 2010

One could argue that Audi was one of the fist to try a transmedia campaign with The Heist in 2008. 

However, I can't help thinking that when transmedia is applied to brands it is more like integrated marketing done really well. Looking at the spectrum of integrated marketing:

  • Media integration: where messages are coordinated across different media, very simply with little adaptation. 
  • Content integration: where content is adapted, rendered and trans-created [sorry], for optimum engagement on different platforms.
  • Story integration: where the brand story is told across multiple platforms, where a person is immersed in a different element of the brand story in each different media to form a complete picture of the brand story. 
So, I guess I'm agreeing that transmedia story telling for brands is a good thing, I just hate the buzzword and I think that brands who run well integrated marketing campaigns are already doing this and don't need another poncey buzz word.