Monday, 19 March 2012

Top 5 things about Facebook Timeline

In preparing to move my clients Facebook Pages across to Timeline this week and next, I reckon the top five things to think about for brands using Timeline are:

  1. Pinning:  a status update/post can be pinned,which means it stays on the top of the Page for 7 days. A great way for highlighting a brand's response to an issue/crisis or just promoting a contest or application.
  2. Cover photo: looking at any Timeline'd Page and you'll see how the impact of a good photo. I'd suggest collating a library of great shots and then rotating them every week to keep the Page fresh. Or, take a leaf out of Coke's book and design something to appear on your cover shot. Do bear in mind that you can't include any calls to action, contact details or even an arrow saying 'like us here' - Facebook rules.
  3. Landing Pages: are no more i.e you can't set the Page or Tab at which your new fans land. All tabs [now called Apps] are in a box on the right hand side. You can show a max of four, one of which has to include the photo app. I'd suggest having a schedule of which ones you show to keep the Page fresh.
  4. Milestones: one of the cool things about Timeline is that you can tell your brand's story, right back to when it was twinkle in the founder's eye. More than just corporate chest puffing, this allows you to tell the story of how the brand was involved in an issue e.g a great way for a company to show its environmental creds, or how a brand shaped its industry. 
  5. Status updates: it's now much more important to use interesting photos and videos, rather than just text updates. Plus, you have much less text to play with, so keep them status updates short with the call to action at the beginning. 
There is much more to Timeline, particularly its automatic collating of historic status updates and conversations  - brands should carefully edit historic conversations but not censor them. Plus the fact that conversations about your brand by non fans also appear on your Page may be a little scary as you can't really control what appears without blocking lots of key words - particularly pharma and alcohol brands. 
But the above are my top five so far.

Any thoughts greatly welcome.