Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Why I don't really like LinkedIn

I always used to think I didn't really like LinkedIn because I didn't quite get it. But I was listening to an Inside PR podcast from December and one of the guys [Martin Waxman I think] said that he didn't like it didn't have the same altruistic feel of things like Facebook and Twitter.

Then it struck me. The reason I didn't like LinkedIn was very similar. In that, I always felt it was too salesy. People use it to pimp themselves and make mercenary connections with people that may be able to do something to advance their career. It kinda reminds me of The Apprentice.

Don't get me wrong, I do use LinkedIn. I just don't like how it feels.


Bradley said...

I think all your points are deliberately designed that way - LinkedIn doesn't *want* to feel like Facebook or Twitter. It wants to keep the B2B feel rather than B2C. Hence the very-few-apps and super-simple-marketing (company pages).

It's amazing how people see LinkedIn either to advance their career (job search/ get head hunted) OR to find [cold calling] sales opportunities/ corporate collaboration opportunities.

Few people can see both of these uses of LinkedIn.

Stuart Bruce said...

Think it depends more on how you use LinkedIn. You're right the profile element is self-promotion, but that's the point and is simply an extended version of say your short Twitter biog. LinkedIn works best when you are altruistic - answering questions or being genuinely useful in groups. Both of these are much the same as you'd be 'altruistic' on Twitter. To me LinkedIn is far more altruistic than Facebook which too many people simply use to 'spout off' about whatever they want to, with very little value.

Robin Wilson said...

Bradley, thanks for commenting. I agree it has more of a B2B feel and I'm not suggesting for one minute that people start 'throwing sheep' etc. However, I've yet to see companies make as much use of LinkedIn as they do of Facebook - but that could be because I don't really use LinkedIn:)

Robin Wilson said...

Hi Stuart. That is a very good point - if you use LinkedIn altruistically you get more out of it. I guess the whole pimping nature of it puts me off, so I don't really feel altruistic when I'm there.
But maybe I should try it:)

Mark Kelly said...

I like the idea of LinkedIn being more of an altruistic / mentoring or peer support thing but I have good intentions but rarely go on there to support others. Same deal with Quora.
I do use Twitter to share and be helpful, maybe it is a time thing .. short helping hands moments rather than long form of LinkedIn .. hit and run altuism

How To Use Linkedin said...

I too use twiiter, that is better that LinkedIn.