Monday, 3 February 2014

How to make money from Instagram

Simples: Have a great butt and photograph it every day.

That's how Jen Selter got endorsement deals from fitness products and become probably one of the most followed people on Instagram.

Aside from inventing the word 'belfies' aka Butt Selfies, its quite interesting what's happened from a brand POV. Someone who has become famous for working out, developing a great physique and showing it off to the world, has now secured relevant sponsorship deals e.g Cirrus Fitness. It makes perfect sense and I'm guessing we will see a lot more of these brand partnerships as the channel develops.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Social media stats 2014

if you like stats, you'll love this slideshare from WeAreSocial

It's 143 pages long, but my highlights are
  • Whats app = 4th most popular social network. 
  • Brazilians spend the most time on the internet
  • UAE has the highest social media penetration [or, Canada depending how you measure it]
  • UAE highest mobile penetration at 252%
Thanks WeAreSocial.

Friday, 17 January 2014

SASCon panel discussion: PR, search and social in perfect harmony

I'm looking forward to taking part in a panel discussion this afternoon at SASCon with Rob Weatherhead from MediaCom and Andy Barr from 10Yetis, chaired by Simon Wharton.

Its going to be an interesting discussion. My POV is that the three disciplines aren't working together very often. In fact, in a lot of cases they are trying to do the same job, but with different skills.

To use the famous quote:

 'You are not what you say you are, you are what Google says you are'

Which means a few things:

  1. Journos, people, influencers all use Google to find info on a company. So, brand reputation, brand health is much more dependent than ever before on your Google rank. So, SEO is crucial to PRs i.e. the people who are managing a brands reputation. 
  2. With all the changes in Google recently, authentic content from trusted influencers seems to be the most important when it comes to getting your brand/product seen. So, SEOs are applying PR techniques such as engaging influencers to publish content about a brand/product.
  3. With social media being prevalent and highly influential with Google, Facebook etc is usually the front line of reputation management and crucial to SEO campaigns. So social media types need to practice both PR and SEO.
So, my point on the panel will be that all three have to change the way they think about their discipline, learn from each other and approach the tasks in a different mindset. For example, SEOs should think less about the link and more about the story; PRs should think more about SEO techniques as well as creating a great story; and social media managers need to think about how their engagement techniques impact the wider reputation and Google's algorithm.

I'll let you know if I get booed off stage.:)

Friday, 3 January 2014

Guide to social media monitoring tools

The CIPR social media panel has produced a really useful guide to social media monitoring [even if I do say so myself as someone to contributed a couple of bits].

It covers the principles of monitoring, how to set up monitoring programmes and on P15 to P19 there are short descriptions of the major paid for monitoring tools e.g. Brand Watch, Radian 6 and Alterian to name a few. Plus, there is a really useful appendix that lists lots of tools both free and paid for.

Definitely worth 10 mins of your time.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Micro content to market clothing

Some ideas are so obvious, you just want to kick yourself. Like this use of video to bring clothing to life by shopbop. Its a 2 second video of the model giving us a twirl.

Probably shot at the same time as the photo shoot and so probably didn't add much to the cost of the shoot.

A great example of micro content being used in content marketing.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Social media stats for 2014

I came across an infographic with some useful stats on the intention of marketing types for 2014. Needless to say, content marketing is in a lot of plans, but not as many as I thought as only 50% have content marketing strategies yet almost 80% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing.

Is this an opportunity for agencies to provide custom content services or is it just people getting on the content bandwagon, but not prepared to commit budget to it just yet? This was the case with social back in the day and eventually CMOs realised what social can deliver for a business, so I reckon we'll see the same in 2014. We just need a few more high profile content marketing case studies [that isn't Red Bull or Oreos, or re badged social campaigns] to tip the balance.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Coke donates all ad spend to Philippines relief efforts

This is a pretty amazing move by Coke. I'm trying not to be cynical about it as I think that it will make a huge difference to the disaster victims in the Philippines.
From a marketing pov, it will be interesting to see the impact of a zero paid media approach and to see if Jo Jaffe's theory works in practice.